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Our mission is to help our customers create healthy and productive work-space with the most practical and stylish solutions available.  We carry more than 8 brands of highly selective products. Our key products include Ergonomic Chairs, Customized Height Adjustable Desks and Office Furniture in Hong Kong. Since 2013 we have been serving individuals, SMEs to conglomerates on projects of different scales.

Why buy at Ergoseatings?

  1. We carry more than 8 renowned brands from worldwide office chairs providers.  If you are looking for a decent chair suitable for you and your workspace, be sure to drop by to test them all.
  2. We are the first vendor for customized standing desks in Hong Kong.  Since 2013, we have sold more than 2000 standing desks to different customers and corporations.
  3. The brands we carry share the same vision with us, which is provide the highest quality products to our customers.  We have supplied to corporations such as banks, conglomerates, consulates, universities, chambers as well as SMEs.
  4. There is no one-size-fit-all when it comes to ergonomic chairs, we encourage our customers to visit us to experience the difference.  We have over 60 demo chairs available in our Wanchai showroom.
  5. Each of our brands has its own unique features.  In addition, we want to strike a good balance between aesthetics and practicality when we curate our products to make sure they can be nice addition to any interior.
  6. Besides branded chairs, we also source directly from well-run factories in China hence we have a very wide selection for every price point regardless of what you are looking for.
Ergonomic Chairs Made in Canada

Canadian Office Chairs

Duorest Office Chairs made in Korea

Duorest Ergo Chairs

Okamura Chairs Made in Japan

Okamura Ergonomic Chairs

Sidiz Computer Chairs Made in Korea

Sidiz Office Chairs

Wagner Leather Executive Chairs Germany

Wagner Executive Chairs

Adjustable Standing Desks have gained popularity in workplaces over the last few years, not only in Hong Kong but worldwide.  In fact, more and more users are aware that sitting too much for too long is detrimental to health.  The key is to keep moving during a regular work day to maintain a healthier lifestyle.  There are tons of suppliers out there, what sets us apart from our competitors when it comes to adjustable sit stand desks?  Here are few points to consider:

  • We can customize your desk size (both the metal frame and table top) without any hidden charges
  • We can offer 5+ different table top materials: solid wood (walnut, maple, oak, etc.), solid wood with epoxy resin, bamboo, MDF, MFC, laminate and even table with tempered glass top
  • Our standing desk legs are equipped with Taiwanese made motors and come with five years warranty.  They are all SGS tested and our suppliers supply to various major brands worldwide.
  • Our adjustable desks are relatively stable when compared to others in the market.  Feel free to visit us to see the difference.
  • From 75cm to 3m, we have suitable solutions for you when it comes to customizations.
  • Our list prices already include delivery and installation (to regular locations without stairs).
  • Our main clients over the years include investment banks, hedge funds, consulates, law chambers, hospitals as well as all major universities in Hong Kong.


Payment Terms2023-06-19T16:07:11+08:00

1. 100% Full payment upfront

2. 2% Interest Rate per month will be charged for any overdue payment

What is the general lead time?2021-11-27T19:17:04+08:00

That depends on whether that particular product you want is in stock.  As our stock level changes everyday, we suggest you contact us in advance to ask before placing your order.  If the item is in stock, generally it takes 2-3 days to get it delivered to you.

Do chairs and desks require installation?2021-11-27T19:06:13+08:00

Our premium task chairs and standing desks buyers are entitled to free installation and delivery to any cities locations (without stairs) if you choose to pay by bank transfer.  If you live in remote areas (Cheung Chau, Lantau Island, Tai O, Lamma Island, Peng Chau, Tung Chung, Discovery Bay, Ma Wan, Chek Lap Kok airport and Hong Kong Disneyland) or your address involves stairs, there will be additional cost involved.

Where can I see your products?2023-05-05T17:03:16+08:00

You can see them in our showrooms in Wanchai,  you can see in each product page where you can see the actual product demo:

What is Ergonomics?2021-11-24T16:14:30+08:00

Ergonomics is a science between the design of your body and that of the object you use repeatedly.  It is also known as human factor engineering.  It matters to you as long as you are using something over a period of time. Basically, the better the fit between you and the object is, the less injury-prone you are and the better your productivity.  As we spend more time in front of our monitors every day, the importance of office ergonomics also grows. Ergonomic office chairs and desks are easily what we interact with the most during a normal workday.

What’s the difference between 2 and 3 jointed standing desks?2021-11-24T16:43:12+08:00

The main difference is the height range. 2 jointed: 69-115cm, 3 jointed: 64-129cm (excluding table top).   In general, for users with height shorter than 5″3 or taller than 5″10, we suggest using the 3-jointed model.  Any other users who are in between, we believe the 2 jointed model maybe sufficient.

Which is your best chair?2021-11-27T19:02:27+08:00

It is hard to give a pure A or B answer as we believe different chairs fit different users, depending on the physique and preference of the users.  We suggest users to visit our showrooms and let us guide you through how to select the best chair for you.  There’s no one size fits all when it comes to ergonomic chairs.

How much should I stand everyday?2021-11-24T16:31:33+08:00

Opinions vary according to different experts. Jack Callagha, professor in Waterloo’s Department of Kinesiology, has found that the ideal sit-stand ratio lies between 1:1 and 1:3.  Kevin Weaver, clinical assistant professor at New York University, suggests you should aim to stand for about 4 hours a day, sit for another 4 and switch every hour.  Chris Kolba, sports medicine physical therapist at Ohio State University, says you should aim to stand for as long as you can until you get tired.

Why are your chairs more expensive than others?2021-11-24T16:29:44+08:00

We have numerous suppliers for ergonomic chairs and other chairs, price ranges from $2,000 to $36,000.  The more expensive ones are usually the ones that are branded.  Brands invested heavily in R&D and importing from overseas also make them more expensive (compared to those made in China).

Customers always come first at Ergoseatings(Ergonomic Chairs Specialist HK) and we are honored to have work with the following clients: (not in any order/preference)


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