Welcome to Ergoseatings! You have probably stumbled upon this page because you are experiencing back pain, neck pain, muscle pain or all of the above due to long hours spent in front of your monitors everyday, for long periods of time.   You are probably looking for an upgrade from your regular office chair (電腦椅) because it does not serve the purpose of providing ample lumbar support to your spines.  Regardless of how you’ve got here, we are aiming to provide you with total ergonomic solutions (全面的人體工學方案) that can help ease your pain.

Ergoseatings.com is a website designed and owned by Blueocean International (HK) Ltd with focus on quality ergonomic chairs (人體工學椅), height adjustable standing desks (電動升降桌), and the most up-to-date ergonomic products. We are a distributor, retailer as well as designer for premier ergonomic products in Hong Kong. It is our goal to offer high quality products and to work with premier brands that we think can help our customers in achieving healthier lifestyle.  Since 2013, we are proud to be assisting numerous clients during their workspace design process with the soundest ergonomic advice.

Throughout the years, we continue to evaluate different ergonomic products from suppliers around the globe. We are highly selective about what to include in our website/catalog because we want our customers to be fully satisfied with the products they purchase from us.  We believe that longevity of a brand stems from high quality products and we are honored to be working with 3 premier brands in the industry:

Topstar / Wagner

Like many of their German automobile counterparts, Topstar GMBH emphasizes on quality and is dedicated in providing innovative ergonomic chairs.  The brand Wagner is developed in the late 90s to accommodate growing demands in high end ergonomic chairs in the internet era, while many Topstar products are geared towards the mass markets.  Their key innovation, the Dondola system, is research proven to be highly effectively in reducing back pain for long time users.

Nightingale Chairs

Nightingale has been a very active (ergonomic) office chair supplier since 1928.  The age of the brand speaks volume for itself.  And their proprietary memory foam seat is quite possibly the most comfortable seats on the planet.


A relatively young, vibrant and fast growing ergonomic chair brand also from Mississauga, Canada.  It takes seconds for users to notice the difference when you have sat on an Allseating You chair.  Its adjustable mesh back support is one of the smartest designs we have come across and their chairs are available at very reasonable prices.


One of the office furniture titans in Japan and, Okamura continues to set the standard in the wold-wide ergonomic chairs industry.  Italian designed, Okamura is responsible for creating one of he all time favorite ergonomic chair designs in Contessa II.  With manufacturing facilities in Japan, all Okamura products are delivered in the highest quality.  We are proud to be offering their products in Hong Kong.


Duorest sets the tone in innovation via its unique twin backs design.  There are a lot of twin back chair copycats out there, but Duorest is the first and most original concept that provides ultimate support to your back throughout the day.   The Duorest 2.0 is one of the finest ergonomic chairs created in recent times.  All Duorest products are manufactured in Korea.

In addition to ergonomic chairs, we are also one of the first height adjustable standing desks suppliers in Hong Kong.  During the past several years, the standing desks/stand desks frenzy has spread across the globe due to health benefits of splitting your work day between standing and sitting.  We work with renowned suppliers from across Asia and we offer to our clients the most customizable, easy to use, and reliable height adjustable standing desks and sit-stand solutions.  Unlike many of our competitors, we basically offer unlimited choices when it comes to desk color and customizations. We also have in our selection various standing desks accessories that we hope can make your switch to be perfectly enjoyable.


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