Executive Office Chairs

Executive Office chairs are usually for the bosses upholstered in genuine leather. Although the bosses may not necessarily be sedentary, the old-style executive desk chairs often do not conform to the principles of ergonomics.  This type of chairs traditionally has very long seat depth and the bosses often have a hard time getting proper lumbar support.

The executive desk chairs that we recommend here range from imported brands with novel styles and ergonomics to the very traditional ones.  Among them, the leather chairs made by Wagner made in Germany are the most popular. There are also a variety bands of choices for different needs.  A few reminders when choosing an executive office chairs:

  1. Chinese made leather executive chairs are very popular for SMEs.  Half leather option is available with the back of the chair (non sitting area) using vinyl.
  2. Imported full leather chairs normally have a longer lead time.  Please feel free to ask before you make a purchase online.
  3. Vinyl (Faux Leather) can also be used for more affordable reasons but over time they are certainly not as durable as genuine leather.

If you have any questions about the executive chair, please call 21693337


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