Cable Management

Cable Management is very essential when if yo want to stay organized on and off your standing desk.  There are many different choices for wire management. One key product is the cable tray. There are various types of cable trays, the most ideal cable tray allows you to easily put the power bar/cable extension and plugs into it. Chargers and AC adapters can come in various sizes, so we don’t recommend cable trays, that are too small or too narrow (because you will feel extra pain when using them). The main advantages of our cable trays with plugs include:

  1. The height is higher than most of the cable trays in the market
  2. It is already equipped with sockets and USB, so you don’t need to place any extra extensions in the rack
  3. Equipped with a 2m long cord, you can also plug in the desk power supply there to keep it tidy
  4. The steel material used is more durable, and it is more difficult to deform even if you put heavier objects on it.

For questions about our cable management, please call 21693337 (Wan Chai)


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