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All Office Chairs are listed here on the Ergoseatings webpage.  At Ergoseatings, we curate all the high quality chairs that include ergonomic chairs, swivel chairs, designer office chairs, lounge chairs, stackable chairs, gaming chairs, guest chairs, conference chairs, as well as dining chairs.  From time to time, we also carry used Herman Miller office chairs, Aeron chairs and used Steelcase Leap chairs.  However, they are subject to availability.  Please contact us in advance if you are looking for second hand chairs.

Some of our chiropractors friends are telling us that buying an ergonomic chair is like finding a good pair of shoes.  You want to follow certain ergonomic design principles.  Of course materials, quality and aesthetics will also be considered, but in the end you should choose a chair that you feel comfortable sitting on. We encourage you to try them all in our showroom(s).  We can recommend suitable chairs and provide professional advice according to your body type.

The benefits of an ergonomic chair:

  1. It conforms to the human body structure to ensure normal blood circulation and reduce discomfort (arising from prolonged sitting)
  2. Sitting in front of the computer and working for too long can easily lead to low back pain. A chair that can support the low back and a sitting posture are very important. An ergonomic chair encourages correct sitting posture.
  3. A good ergonomic chair can not only make employees sit comfortably, but also improve work efficiency.

If you have any questions about the ergonomic chair, please call 21693337


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