Ergonomic Chairs

Our chiropractors have a saying that buying ergonomic chairs is like finding right pair of shoes.  You want to follow certain ergonomic principles but you must try and compare different chairs to feel the comfort level for yourselves.  Materials, quality and aesthetics should also be considered.  We encourage you to come try in our showroom.  Our strength is to recommend suitable chairs and provide professional advice based on your body type.

The benefits of ergonomic office chair:

  1. A good chair conforms to the human body structure to ensure normal blood circulation and reduce lower back discomfort (due to prolonged sitting)
  2. Sitting in front of the computer and working for too long can easily lead to low back pain. A chair with ample lumbar support is crucial.  An ergonomic chair encourages correct sitting posture.
  3. A good ergonomic chair can not only make employees sit comfortably, but also improve work efficiency.
  4. Even though branded chair designers, orthopedic experts, chiropractors and physio therapists may all have their say, it is only “you” who can tell whether a chair feels comfortable on your back.  Keep this in mind and you will increase your chance in finding the right chair.

If you have any questions about the ergonomic chair, please call 21693337


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