A chiropractor told us that the ideal office environment should include sitting and standing, reducing maintaining the same posture for a long time, and helping to reduce the burden on the spine. Therefore, more and more people will use standing desks, so that users can change their sitting positions at any time, and do more exercises. In the long run, it will also increase the pursuit of health and have a healthier lifestyle. A variety of standing desk accessories also have different functions, and hope to cultivate a healthy habit for users to cooperate with the use of the lifting table. A treadmill is one of the options, which allows people to exercise while working while using the standing desk, which can increase the standing time.

In summary, the main advantages of treadmills include:

  1. Allow users to switch postures to work and multi-point activities
  2. It allows people to exercise and work while using the standing desk
  3. Improve standing time

If you have any questions about our treadmill, please call 21693337 (Wan Chai) or 21160373 (Kwun Tong).


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