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If you want to use a stylish, Nordic style and extremely durable customized solid wood dining table, you can consider the enduring hardwood. Hardwoods are mostly taken from deciduous fine-leaf forest trees, including oak, dark walnut, red oak, maple and so on. Usually the price is higher, but the quality is relatively better than cork, and the color and texture of the logs change more.

South American walnut is usually distributed in South America, such as Peru, Colombia, Ecuador, Venezuela, Argentina and Mexico. The native species of South American walnut is also called Yudou, which is stronger but lighter than North American walnut (black walnut dining table). The texture of South American walnut is relatively more obvious, and you can appreciate the unique pattern of each tree. We recommend South American walnut because it is cost-effective and it is also very suitable for use on standing desks.

Before ordering a solid wood dining table, there are several points to consider:

Can you accept the imperfection of solid wood? Wood will change due to changes in sunlight, weather or humidity
If there are any scratches on the wood, it cannot be easily repaired
Solid wood is generally heavier and has poor mobility
You prefer a round dining table or a rectangular dining table

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