This Ergonomic Keyboard Tray is completely adjustable – elevate, slide, tilt and swivel the keyboard, and adjust the easily attached mouse pad independently, till the perfect position for you. It promotes ultimate wrist health, enables you to type with a neutral or negative wrist angle. Perfect for sitting and standing as it raises as high as 8” above your desk and lowers to 10” below you desk.


Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 02 Features:

  • Perfect for sitting & standing
  • Raise (lower) keyboard to any height from ~10″ below your desk to ~8” above your desk
  • Tilt keyboard angle for optimal typing posture
  • Swivel left & right for easy access
  • Slide in & out under you desk
  • Mouse Pad adjusts independently & connects to both right and left sides
  • Quick intuitive adjustment
  • Easy, quick and secure installation


Ergonomic Keyboard Tray 02 Specs:

  • Keyboard Panel: ~18.5″ (w) x 8.75″ (d)
  • Mouse Pad: ~7″ (w) x 8.75″ (d)
  • Rail Length (mounting to your desk): ~16”
  • Height Adjustable: From ~10″ below your desk to ~8” above you desk
  • Pivot: Swivels left & right