Anti-Fatigue Mat

This premium Ergoseatings Anti-Fatigue Mat cushions and supports you feet, knees, hips and back as you stand. The comparatively large profile (74.5 x 50cm) gives you much room to move between tasks and postures. Extra cushioning makes it the perfect accessory to any Standing Desk, kitchen and anywhere for comfortable standing.


Anti-Fatigue Mat Features

  • Provides sturdy, cushioned support for the entire body
  • Solid, high density core for long-lasting support
  • No curl edges
  • Fits most desk in office and cubes
  • Perfect for standing desk, kitchen and home usage


Anti-Fatigue Mat Specifications

  • Dimensions : 29.5″ (W) x 19.6″ (D) x 5/8″ (T)
    as in : ~ 74.5cm (W) x 50 cm (D) x 1.6 cm (T)
  • Weight: ~4lbs