Our Dual Level Double-Decker Standing Desk is built to promote productivity, increase your workspace area while reducing all side effects from sitting too much, like neck pain and back pain.  The table top of the Double-Decker Standing Desk is made of connected dark walnut (26mm thick) solid wood from North America.  Not only is dark walnut pleasant to look at, its smooth surface is ideal for every day use.  With the extra level added to a regular standing desk, you create an ergonomic set up which allows you to look at your monitors at a more suitable height.  By elevating the monitors, your usable space on the desk increases.  Sizes and other options can be custom made for the Dual level Double-Decker Standing Desk.

Standard Second level width is 250mm with customizable length.  Height of second level clamp is fixed at 110mm (excluding table top thickness).

Dual Level Double-Decker Standing Desk

Price for 2 Jointed Model Standing Desk + 2nd Level

Price includes installation and delivery.  3 jointed model add $500 extra.