DUOREST Alpha A50H Ergonomic Office Chair features a rucksack effect to protect your spine with the flexible three-dimensional connectors supporting all-directional movement of your back and spine. The result of this is effectively reducing the load on your back and spine by 50 percent as compared to most conventional chairs. The DUOREST Alpha A50H Office Chair cradles the back and dynamically massages back muscles as you move, pro-actively enhancing your spinal health. It reduces pressure points, providing extra comfort and ventilation for longer hours of sitting. The next generation tilting system enables quick posture changes to ergonomically correct angles, which blends well with tension and seat depth adjustment functions.

Duorest 80H Alpha Office Chair has dual backrests that have been made 10 percent bigger for greater comfort and firmer support. The innovative back shell blends perfectly with the chrome trimming and air-mesh backrest, exactly typifying DUOREST vision of with total ergonomic comfort. The great flexibility of the mesh material ensures an even distribution of weight onto the seat surface, preventing pressure points and excessive stress on any single area of the body. The mesh seating improves air-circulation and has an anti-bacterial effect. The Duorest Alpha 50 H Office Chair is also scientifically tested.

The Duorest Alpha 50H Wheeled Office Chair allows you to adjust to the settings you want. The tilting tension can be adjusted by pulling out and turning the knob which is under the front of the seat, on the right hand side. The tilting angle can be locked at any position using the lever under the left side of the seat. The seat pan can be moved up to 5 cm towards the front or the back by lifting up the lever under the front of the seat. This lengthens the support of the seat if you’re taller. The height of the back support can be adjusted according to your height by releasing the knob in the middle of the back support. Seat height adjustment can be changed by using the rear lever on the right side of the seat. The triple Y base system is fitted with six urethane casters. Six casters give much greater stability when reclining, compared to the common way of star base system (5 casters). The urethan caster material guarantees a quieter and smoother glide over hard surfaces.

The headrest of the Duorest 50-H Alpha Office Chair is made of soft synthetic leather. The height can be adjusted up to 7.2 cm and it can be rotated through 64 degrees. Using the knobs on the rear of the back support, you can adjust the dual backrests support up to 3.3 cm towards the right or the left and up to a height of 4.3 cm. The armrests, which are made of a non-slip material, can be moved up to 30 degrees towards the right or the left, up to a height of 6 cm, and can slide up to 6 cm towards the front or the back in order to minimize the load on your wrists.

The Duorest 50H Alpha Office Chair has your comfort in mind with all of the adjustments to fit your unique needs.


  • Headrest adjust (height/angle)
  • Backrest adjust (height/width)
  • Armrest adjust (height/angle)
  • Sliding arm pad Synchronous tilt control
  • Tilt tension degree adjust
  • High-density molded foam seat
  • Seat depth adjust
  • Seat height adjust

DUOREST Alpha A50H Ergonomic Chair Dimensions

DUOREST Alpha A50H Ergonomic Chair Colors