Duorest Alpha is the latest development from one of the most prestigious ergonomic chair manufacturers from Korea.  The Alpha features the signature 3D twin back patented by Duorest and an improved mesh seat that is superb in softness and durability.

Every person has his/her own body shapes, the Alpha is designed to make it easy to personalize and adjust to many heights, widths, and positions to effectively support your unique physique.  With long hours of sitting/work hours, a comfortable chair is crucial for you to main good posture and can help reduce fatigue.  The new mesh seat of the Alpha is more comfortable and incorporates highly durable and elastic mesh material that has been developed exclusively by Duorest to reduce pressure points, providing extra comfort and ventilation for longer hours of sitting.

Flexible three dimensional connectors support all directional movement of the back and spine, effectively reducing the load on the back and spine by 50% as compared to most conventional chairs. DUOREST Alpha cradles the back and dynamically massages the back muscles as you move, pro-actively enhancing spinal health.

Duorest is a specialist in back care where the unique twin back system manufacturing is originated.   The brand has been revered by chiropractors worldwide throughout the years and they handle extensive range of Ergonomics through endless changes and innovation.


Product Overview

  • Alpha, the newest development from Duorest in 2022
  • Made in Korea
  • 3 years warranty
  • Top of the line premium chiropractic chair
  • Fully Adjustable in armrests, back height and seat depth
  • Duorest’s patented flexible dual backrest mechanism
  • Superior Quality – Meeting ANSI/BIFMA Standard
  • Flexible Seat Edge reduce pressure and friction on seat edge

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable Headrest (height/angle)
  • Adjustable Backrest (height/width)
  • Adjustable armrests (height/angle/front and rear/left and right twist angles)
  • Adjustable tilt angle and fixed lock
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment
  • Available in black and white frame now
  • Weight Capacity: 130KG or 286Lbs

Alpha Seat Edge

Alpha Dimensions