The Duorest Milky is a Korean made twin-back kids ergonomic chair especially designed for kids and petite-sized adults.   The Milky features fixed arms, adjustable backrest and seat height which can be adjusted to accommodate a child’s physical development.   The twin back gently embraces the back of the user and protects it from negative stress while sitting.

The Milky also features a DUALINDER system that restricts movement to maximize a child’s focus.  A footrest can also be installed on the base to allow his/her feet to be placed firmly at 90 degrees.  The Milky comes in various colors in synthetic leather.   It can easily be he most ergonomic and comfortable option you can buy for your child.


Product Overview

  • Expandable Backrest to accommodate users of different physique
  • DUALINDER® Swivel Locking System (worth $250)
  • Add -on Footrest (worth $100)
  • Available in different synthetic leather colors

Product Specifications

  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment

Milky Colors