Duorest Rabbit Kids Ergonomic Chair is synonymous to good posture while kids sit on it and doing their studying.  The ergonomic design of Rabbit kids chair gives solid lumbar support to kids to even petite-sized adults of different ages.  The depth of the Duorest Rabbit’s backrest can be adjusted to suit different body sizes.  The simple one-point slide adjusting system makes it extra user-friendly to small kids.  To make the chair more durable, Duorest has created the Rabbit’s backrest, seat-pan and armrests in a single solid frame.  The rounded-edge design of the Duorest Rabbit kids chair means total safety to young children.  As kids chairs are easily stained, backrest and seat-pan are easily replaceable for changing and cleaning.  The special designed “dualinder” provides two modes: 1) locking mode when kids need concentrating and 2) turning mode when resting.  Users can thus switch from locked position to rotating position easily.  Also, the dual mode casters lock automatically when seated and unlocks when depressurized.  For small kids, an optional height-adjustable footrest can also be added.  The footrest can be removed as the kid grows up.  With kids-friendly elements and good safety, Duorest Rabbit would surely be great growing buddy for your kid.


Product Overview

  • Adjustable and Replaceable Backrest/Seat

The ergonomic backrest depth can be adjusted to give the best support until the kid has grown up.  Rabbit’s backrest and seat pad can be replaced when the chair is stained.

  • Dualinder option

The special designed Dualinder provides two modes, locking mode when concentrating and turning mode when resting.  Users can switch from locked position to rotating position easily.

  • Sit-Brake Caster & Footrest

The dual mode caster locks automatically when seated and unlocks when depressurized. The sit-brake casters encourage kids to concentrate studying while sitting.

Duorest is the premier brands developed and designed by ergonomic experts who know what it takes to create comfortable and ergonomic products, feel free to contact us if you require further details.


Product Specifications