Ergonomic desk can give you energy if you spend too much time sitting at work.   If you are looking to maintain a healthier lifestyle, using an ergonomic desk or standing desk is very good start.  While having the right posture is key to avoiding strain and unwanted pressure on your muscles, using an ergonomic desk can keep you moving throughout the day.   Standing at an ergonomic desk is also very useful when you want to revitalize your brain and stimulates creativity.  However, standing can also be bad for your feet if you stand too long.  Be sure to use an anti fatigue mat if you plan to stand long.  Also,  do not hesitate to check out our active sitting chairs selection as well as many users found them an ideal combination to use with an ergonomic desk when switching between sitting and standing.  Finally, what is the difference between 2 joints/columns and 3 joints/columns models?  The main difference is the height range.  3 jointed ergonomic standing desk model can go both higher(129cm) and lower (64cm) and it can move a bit faster than the 2 jointed model.

Ergonomic Desk Features

  • Taiwan made Motors, Handset and control box
  • Telescopic width adjustable Desk Frame to match table top of different sizes
  • Dual Motor design with or without crossbar, superior to the cheaper but single motored model in terms of reliability
  • We charge one price for any desktop size between 1200 to 1600mm long,  (extra charge if over 1600mm up to 2000mm)
  • Standard foot length: 700mm, Arm size: 600mm, Width: minimum 1000mm  but we can custom made different sizes according to your needs
  • 3 different frame colors available: black, white, grey
  • 4 Recommended desktop sizes (mm): 1200×650, 1400×750, 1600×750, 1800×850 but feel free to name your own size
  • Height Range: 640mm-1290mm
  • Telescopic Width: 1050-1800mm
  • Max Speed: 38mm/s
  • Weight capacity: 120 kg
  • Basic anti-collision function included
  • Built-in Anti-Collison with 9 adjustable sensitivity levels
  • Warranty: 5 years, please refer to our FAQ for details
  • Desktop materials options: MFC Board($), MDF Board($$), Laminate by Formica ($$$), Bamboo($$$), or Solid Wood($$$$)
  • Installation and delivery charge included
  • Caster wheels available (Set of 4), price: HKD300
  • Extra discount on Topstar active sitting chairs, kids chairs and anti fatigue mat if you are buying this product

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