Grills Ergonomic Chair is specially deigned to give great lumbar support to users.  Headrest is adjustable to give good head and neck support and alleviate neck pain.   The wide and curve design of the headrest meant larger surface area to support users of different physiques.  The Grills’ seat back uses breathable mesh as material while its cushion seat provides ultimate comfort to users.  The combination of mesh back with cushion seat allows users to sit comfortably over long period of time.  The ergonomic design of the seat back enables users to sit in a proper posture with spinal cord maintains in a natural state.  The height and seat depth of the chair are also adjustable to fit users of different heights.  The Grills is equipped with tilt lock such that users can lock the seat back at different angles.  Grills Ergonomic Chair is also equipped with adjustable 3D armrests, which can be adjusted to fit users’ preferences.  The aluminum chair frame raises the chair carrying capacity and makes the overall structure more concrete.   Available at a reasonable price, Grills Ergonomic Chair provides decent comfort combined with good look.


Product Overview

  • Adjustable Headrest and lumbar Support

Large headrest means greater surface area to your head and neck while its vertical lumbar support provides solid support to the lower back

  • Adjustable 3D Armrest

Adjustable 3D Armrest allows users to adjust to the most comfortable position.
(Up & Down , Left & Right , Front & Back)

  • Mesh Back With Cushion Seat

Seat back adopts mesh material, which is highly breathable and durable.
Cushion seat provides comfort, even for long sitting time.

  • Tilt Lock In Seat Back

Tilt lock allows users locking seat back at different angles, lean back for resting and lean forward for working.

  • Aluminum Frame

The aluminum chair frame raises the chair carrying capacity (Max capacity: 120 Kg) and makes the structure more concrete.


Product Specifications

  • Adjustable Headrest (height/angle)
  • Adjustable Backrest (height/width)
  • Adjustable armrests (height/angle/front and rear/left and right twist angles)
  • Adjustable tilt angle and fixed lock
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Seat height adjustment

Available colors for back

Available colors for seat

*Price listed does NOT installation and delivery yet.  Feel free to check our FAQ section or contact us if you need further details.