This ergonomic electric L-shaped Height Adjustable Standing Desk is an effective sit-to-stand unit with three motors, using lifting system and motors in the frame legs to raise or lower your workstation in seconds. It is powered by linear actuators that lift the desk to proper, required height. The actuators can lifts up to 150kg.  Standing at an ergonomic desk is also very useful when you want to revitalize your brain and stimulates creativity

L-shaped standing desk Features

  • Taiwan made Motors, Handset and control box
  • Ergonomic height adjustable L Shaped Desk frame
  • Customizable Desk top size and foot size to fit your own office needs
  • Screws in desk bracket are hidden for a neat desk
  • Smooth and quiet operating system
  • Cable management solutions available
  • Sit-to-stand adjustment ranges or fixed height
  • Enhanced engineering designed without the need of a crossbar (allows more legroom or easy wheelchair access)
  • L-Shape Desk with 3 legs, depending on size of desk and materials (Installation and delivery charge included)
  • 120 Degree Frame also available
  • Warranty: 5 years, please refer to our FAQ for details


  • Frame size of both sides : W(1075-1800) x D600mm
  • Top size of both sides : W(1200-2000) x D800mm
  • Desktop Thickness : 25mm
  • Height Range : 640-1290mm
  • Material : Steel
  • Powder Finish : Grey, White, Black
  • Max Speed : 38mm/s
  • Max Loading : 150kg
  • Motor Life : 20,000 times
  • Operating Temp. : 0-40 degree

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