Mini under Desk Cycle (Pedal Exerciser) – Sedentary lifestyle not only harms our health, increase our weight & fat ration, but also harms our lifespan. Exercising during working hours would be the way out. The benefits of under desk cycle are greater than just losing weight, improving your health and extending your lifespan; increasing energy expenditure also makes you happier and more focused.

“The blood flowing and pumping through the brain, and continuing that oxygen cycle all the way through, it increases a lot of focus,” Meadow Park Principal Asena Mott said.

School Improves Results by Getting Children cycle under their desks (Source)



Mini Under Desk Cycle Product Features

  • Lowest Pedal Height
    Desk Cycle has the lowest pedal height among all pedal exercisers, at only 10 inch
  • Smooth and Quiet
    Touch-free magnetic resistance system (instead of normal friction system)
  • Bi-direction Pedaling (forward and backwards)
    Healthy for you joints;
    Works opposite muscle groups
  • 8 Resistance Level



How to Assemble
* The pedals are specifically made for left side & right side.