Sidiz T25 Multi-purpose Office Chair is one of best ergonomic chairs if you are looking for a comfortable chair that takes up fairly little space.  Sidiz is a company that not only invested heavily in product design, but they also placed great emphasis in office ergonomics while also thinking of space optimization when creating new products.   It is no surprise that Sidiz has remained one of the best selling brands in Korea over the last decade.


Product Specifications
Brand: Sidiz
Model: T25
Color: various
Material: fabric or artificial leather, foam sponge, PP, nylon, plastic, steel
Size: Width 60.5 x 56.5 x vertical height of 91.5 ~ 101.5cm
Weight capacity: 220lbs (100kg)

Product Features
T25 Multi-purpose Office Chair will help improve work efficiency: even the simplest tasks can make you feel back pain if you sit in a fixed position for long period of time.  Simple stretching through tilting could alleviate the accumulated fatigue due to work help improve work efficiency.

Sidiz T25 Multi-purpose Office Chair will respond to any body weight changes: The WAT (Weight Activated Tilt weight-sensitive tilt) of the T25 is easy to use.   Its mechanism allows the chair to immediately adapt to suit any user, without the user activating any controls. The W.A.T. system is a simple torsion bar link structure which does not require any additional adjusting but maintains self-adjusted tension. The height adjusting and locking functions are easily operated through simple intuitive controls either side of the seat.

This user-friendly swivel chair is suitable for a wide range of purposes, from light task seating and collaborative multi-use situations to conference and meeting room seating.  The T25 has won the Good Design Award in 2015.