The Sidiz T50 Air Ergonomic Chair is a brainchild developed by Fursys Inc.  Fursys is an international chair brand that aspires to support your passionate life on chairs on a daily basis.  The professionalism of chair designers and engineers at the Fursys Inc. R&D centre has been a solid foundation for consistently producing ergonomic and affordable office chairs.  Combined with cutting-edge ergonomic technologies supporting human movements to the maximum level of comfort, Fursys/Sidiz’s smart and creative designs imbue a stronger value to your life.  Determined to manufacture only the highest quality products, Sidiz’s uncompromising spirit of craftsmanship manifests itself in the final touches on details.   Sidiz T50 Air Ergonomic Chair is very compatible with any of our standing desks.


  • Product Details : High back, mesh back, 3-Way adjustable arms, adjustable seat slide/slope , 360 swivel gas lift
  • Material : Mesh (backrest & seat), sponge foam (armrest), PP, nylon, plastic
  • AirSkin Mesh : AirSkin mesh is flexible and durable. Soft microfiber is woven with strong nylon thread to provide longer lasting comfort.


[Add-on $300] Fabric seat cover: black, grey, blue and red by your choice

Enjoy T50 Air’s mesh seat in summer, and put on the seat cover when you want a more padded seat.

How to put on the seat cover:

  1. Cover the front part of the chair first.
  2. Move to the back part in sequence.
  3. You’re ready to use T50 air with the cover!


S-line with Ergonomics Comfort
When human maintains the S line on the back, the weight placed on the lumbar disc can be appropriately distributed to effectively prevent back pain. The beautiful-shaped created with a design motive from human spine contributes to ergonomic comfort and stability in your back.

Synchronized Tilt
The seat plate and backrest tilt independently responding to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for your different postures. This 5 step multi-limiter helps you control over your maximum levels of tilt angle depending on your preferred working postures.

Mesh Backrest
The fabric mesh backrest allows body heat released effectively while seated keeping you fresh.

Seat Slide
T50 Air’s adjustable seat slide helps you sit comfortably.

Adjustable Armrests
Adjustable armrest supports your forearms with 3 dimensional adjustments. Adjust your armrest back and forth, up and down, and inwards or outwards to be in the most comfortable posture.

You may either enjoy T50 Air by its mesh seat, or put on the fabric cover.