Sidiz T50 Ergonomic Chair is a Highly Adjustable Ergonomic Office Chair. You may adjust the lumbar support up and down, inwards or outwards so it fits you the most. No gadgets are needed, and you may easily move the lumbar support with your hand. Having it well positioned, T50 will help you sit comfortable for a long period. Adjust the tilting strength and angle so it fits you most comfortably.


  • Product Details : High back, mesh back, 3-Way adjustable arms, adjustable seat slide/slope , 360 swivel gas lift
  • Material : Mesh (backrest), fabric (seat), sponge foam (armrest), PP, nylon, plastic, steel
  • Colors : Black, Blue, Gray, Green, Orange
  • Mesh Back – The high quality polyester-striped mesh backrest provides a comfortable seating experience. Good ventilation will surprisingly improve your work focus.
  • Adjustable Seat – You can adjust the seat slide and slope to find the best position for you. Instead of constantly rolling your body on an uncomfortable chair, adjust the chair as you wish.
  • Adjustable Armrest – T50’s armrest moves in 3 different ways. It moves up and down, back and forth, and left to right. With this function, your shoulders and wrists will not be affected.
  • Multi-limited Tilting Chair – Some people like to lay back and relax on their chairs, while others prefer a straight position. With T50, you can customize your chair for your utmost comfort.
  • Tilting Strength Adjustment – By turning the lever towards your side, the chair will be more easily tilted. By turning the lever outsides, the chair will be more sturdy to tilt.
  • Surcharge applies for version with leather seat, Price: HK$5,000

Sidiz T50 Dimensions