Sidiz T80 Ultimate Ergonomic Chair is created based on 6 years of research.  Sidiz T80’s patented (US8528973) Ultimate Sync tilting mechanism is designed with ITO Design Studio Germany and engineered by Sidiz and makes it possible for the chair to support your body more closely, just a fraction of an inch (3.2mm) gap from your back.

Korean made T80 is easily customizable, its 4-step multi limiter helps you control maximum levels of tilting angles depending on your preferred postures.   The T80 Ultimate ergonomic chair is not just any office chair, but is considered a masterpiece with refined design and luxurious materials to match.  The sophisticated details of the T80 add elegance to your space.   ITO Design Studio is an internationally renowned German based company which is responsible for numerous designers chairs.

T80’s back is made of High quality poly-elastomer mesh back which provides a comfortable seating experience with good ventilation for long term use. The dual seat structured cushion consists of memory foam and highly elastic sponge which features high support, elasticity and absorption of vibration caused by movement.  The Sidiz T80 seat embraces your body and ensures the utmost pleasant feeling even over long hours of sitting.

The T80 Ultimate Synchronized Tilt allows the seat plate and backrest tilt independently in response to natural body movements. The tilt mechanism allows the most suitable movement for different postures. With its advanced tilt angle lock, its 4 steps multi limiter helps you control the maximum levels of tilt angles depending on your preferred postures.  The control lever allows tilting intensity adjustments by rotating up to 2.5 turns.

The lumbar support of T80 provides effective and sophisticated support to your lumbar.  By adjusting handles on the backrest, you may find the best spot for your lumbar.  The headrest minimized pressures on your neck featuring height and angle adjustments, thus giving support to either your neck area or head depending on the angle you set.  The 3D armrests are made of high quality urethane which support your forearms and improve durability over the long run.

Material : Mesh(backrest), fabric(seat), sponge foam(armrest), PP, nylon, plastic, steel

Size : 29.3 x 23.8 x 45.7~49.6 inches

T80 comes in different variations:

  • Mesh Back with upholstered seat in fabric $5499
  • Mesh Back with upholstered seat in leather $6599
  • Upholstered back and seat in fabric $6099
  • Upholstered back and seat in leather $7099

Sidiz T80 Variations

Sidiz T80 Dimensions