Sliding Drawer for Standing Desks

Finally you’ve bought your standing desks but now what…You found that you are missing something to keep all your pens and documents organized on your desk space!  That is among the most common issue users may encounter after they switching to using standing desks.  To help you sort out the issue, you can now purchase an add-on sliding drawer which can be attached under your desk to give you that extra storage you have been craving for.  To install the under-desk drawer is fairly simple, all you need is to attach four screws connecting the drawer and your desk bottom.  The quality of the ball bearings is high as they are made in Taiwan.  The 3 sectioned sliding rail design also allows an overall smoother sliding experience with 40KG weight capacity.

To make these drawers available to most users in Hong Kong, we have intentionally make them smaller such that it fits under most of the standing desk sizes with different desk depths.  For standing desks around 1.6-1.8m long, two drawers can be attached under the desk on left and right while standing desks under 1.2m should use only one drawer at the center.  In terms of colors, users can select colors matching the desktop color to make it as aesthetically pleasing as possible.  For limited time, we are offering special discounts to those who have previously purchased a standing desk from us before as well as all our standing desks purchaser.  If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Dimensions:  (mm)
L403 x W268 x H73mm (Outter)
L350 x W250 x H70mm (Inner)