Epoxy Dining Table is the new buzzword in the interior design world.  In recent years, people have a higher pursuit of quality of life and start to appreciate more the simplicity in minimalistic design.  That is why solid wood furniture is gaining popularity.  Natural wood slabs with epoxy resin have even become a new trend.  The aesthetics and chic-ness has attracted many artists to explore new opportunities in this market.

Each piece of natural solid wood slab has its unique pattern. Unlimited design variations can be created when the wood slabs are combined with epoxy resin. The resin color can also be dyed to generate different effects, for example, resembling a flowing river.  It demonstrates a craftsman’s skillfulness to seamlessly connect the two materials.  This technique adds a sense of fashion to basic wood furniture, turning them into some fun art pieces.

What is Epoxy Resin?

Epoxy resin, also know as epoxy, artificial resin or poly-epoxides, is a class of thermosetting polymer widely applied for many different purposes.  It can be used as adhesives, paints and coatings depending on the project.  It is formed when curing and resin are combined.  To obtain the best result, the two substances have to be merged at a perfect ratio.  This chemical reaction creates a durable surface which is resistant to chemicals, solvent, liquids as well as abrasion. Therefore, epoxy resin is a great choice for sealing.  Wood becomes waterproof and not easily damaged when combined with epoxy.

A range of solid wood options are available for customization, including North/South American walnut, French oak, white ash , etc for your Epoxy dining table.  You may choose the type of wood according to the wood color or pattern preferences.  Desk frame choices are as below.   The table top can also be used with our height-adjustable standing desk frames, but the cost varies with the table size and wood type.

河流桌 不同類型的桌架

To know more about the production of an epoxy resin solid wood table, check out the videos here.