From the same supplier of Fxxxx Jxxxxx (voted the best standing desk in North America by Wirecutter over the last 4 years), our Stand Up Desk with Ergonomic contour top has advantages of many folds compared to competitors’.

Why bamboo?

Bamboo is a very eco-friendly material that matures very fast within a period of 5 years, it releases much more earth-healing oxygen than equivalent trees.  No pesticides or fertilizers were used during our bamboo’s growing process.  Also no chemical dyes were used which makes our bamboo desktops chemicals free and as natural as possible.

Why is contour shape more ergonomic?

Not only is the contour curve much cooler to look at,  you get to access far corners of the desk much easier with the shorter depth in the middle of the stand up desk.    The beveled edge also means better support and less pressure for your wrist while typing or writing on your stand up desk.

The Newest Handset

We attempt to make this model as cool as possible by also including the newest handset design.  This easy turning knob style handset makes the stand up desk extra sleek and stylish.  For those who not only cares about the practical and health side of using a standing desk, this would be ideal addition to your workspace.   By turning it right the desk goes up and turning it left it goes down.  It also comes with 3 touch screen memory buttons.

Ultra silent motors

This newest model is equipped with 2 ultra silent motors (<50db) which makes it incredibly quiet when you move it up and down during working hours.

Extra options available (at extra costs)

If you think this model is already very cool, you will be even more excited knowing there are even more options available:

a) Bluetooth control: allows you to control the desk and recording your daily habits using your phone and an App.

b) Lithium battery box:  Yes you read it right, for those users with OCD or always bothered by the messiness of having too many cables, this model has an option that allows users to power the stand up desk with a wireless chargeable battery box.

c) Magnetic cable management tube tied to the side of the frame: This option simply makes your cables extra tidy and give your stand up desk a perfect look.


Height Range: 595-1245mm

Max Speed: 40mm/s

Noise DB: <50 DB

Width: 1080-1800mm (which desktop size from 1100-2000mm)

Arm’s length: 600mm

Load Capacity: 1250N

Warranty: 5 years, please refer to our FAQ for details

*For bamboo desktop, we only accept sizes under 1600mm in length.