Topstar Sitness 20 Ergonomic Stool Chair

Topstar Sitness 20 Ergonomic Stool allows you to move while you sit. By sitting on the stool you can achieve “active sitting”, flexibility and mobility while sitting is beneficial to the human body and make some seated tasks easier to perform.

When sitting in the ergonomic stool, opposing muscle groups are balanced and the lumbar curve is preserved producing “balanced seating”, in which the back is straight, the joint angles are open and the muscles are relaxed. This position relieves pressure on the lungs and stomach, while prevents common back problems or muscles aches caused by sedentary lifestyle.



Product Overview

  • Mount on a stable patented base : Leans with you, facilitates movement while sitting
  • Always returns upright after use
  • Pivot 360 degrees : Allow maximum movement for productivity and activities
  • Height adjustable by means of gas spring
  • Elegantly designed and quality workmanship
  • Perfect for creating a healthy working environment, for a bar stool, music stool, cafés and more.

Product Dimensions

  • Seat width: 41 cm
  • Seat height: 60 – 78 cm
  • Made in Germany with 3 years warranty