Topstar High Bob Ergonomic Stool chair allows you to move while you sitting.  By sitting on this stool you can achive “active sitting”.  The secret behind the success of this product is the novel ‘run-flat’ tyre – an un-inflated base made from a special TPU (thermoplastic urethane) material. TPU is a robust plastic that is still flexible enough to adopt new shapes. Topstar uses this modern material to give the stool its special ‘movability’.

What is Active Sitting? (From Wikipedia)

Active sitting occurs when seating allows or encourages the seated occupant to move. Also referred to as dynamic sitting, the concept is that flexibility and movement while sitting can be beneficial to the human body and make some seated tasks easier to perform. One of the earliest forms of active sitting is the common rocking chair which allows forward and backward swaying motion.

In the field of ergonomics, the concept of active sitting is gaining recognition, particularly among people whose work involves prolonged sitting. In the field of pediatric and adult rehabilitation, active or dynamic sitting is of growing interest to individuals who use wheelchairs and adaptive seating, such as children and adults with cerebral palsy and spinal cord injury.

  • Seat width 36.5 cm
  • Seat height 49-70 cm (Sitness High Bob)
  • Weight: 7Kg
  • Polished aluminum or white lackered aluminum foot ring available
  • Made in Germany with 3 years warranty