Wagner Titan 20

Wagner Titan® 20 combines innovative technology, first-class, sporty design and high-end materials to make it a chair of a higher pedigree.

The Titan® 20 is equipped with the patented Dondola-joints, which offer a healthy and dynamic sitting experience based on the exercise ball concept. Comfort and support of your body movement is furthered with our revolutionary use of breathable elastic mesh upholstery. The combination of these attributes lends you a comfortable and relaxing experience even during the longest workdays.

The self-adjusting mechanism coupled with an ergonomic form and manual adjustments offer you the best possible seating comfort and ensure the chair conforms beautifully to your body shape. A special deep-springing suspension elevates your sitting comfort.

The classy design is perfected with high-end details such as the beautifully polished aluminum five-star base.

TÜV Certificate

Quality Office Certificate

Wagner Titan 20 Dimensions

Movement – The central element of our life – even when sitting.

Extractions from the final report of the study by Orthopaedic Clinic for the University of Regensburg in Asklepios

Participants: 1.462 seated employees from all over Germany

Split: 650 Women (50,2 %) / 646 Men (49,8 %)

Counter-current: 1.296 Questionnaires

Test duration: 8 – 12 Weeks per candidate

Study duration: January 2012 – October 2013



  • Over 95 per cent of the participants found the Dondola-chair to be (very) comfortable and were (very) happy with it
  • Over 84 per cent of the participants found their feeling of sitting to be more active
  • Over 94 per cent of the participants would recommend the Dondola-chair / the brand WAGNER
  • Over 56 per cent of the test persons with back problems (745) felt a relief from their backpain (422)

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