Wagner W5 Ergonomic Chair

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Discover the future even now – first carbon office chair in the world. Wagner developed W5  in cooperation with specialists…
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Discover the future even now – first carbon office chair in the world. Wagner developed W5  in cooperation with specialists from the carbon industry, modern technologies are used in this model. The ultrathin backrest is made of robust yet flexible and lightweight carbon, gives the W5 a delicate and light appearance. The backrest, consisting of a high-tech 3D fabric, is only suspended on six points and stretched over the backrest. In this way, the backrest optimally adjusts to the user, but in no way restricts its mobility.

The patented Dondola® technology is invisibly integrated above the chair mechanism. It keeps the user in motion , therefore providing the unique Wagner sitting comfort.

Wagner W5 Features

  • G5 Armrests
  • Auto-synchronize mechanism, automatically adjusts to user weight
  • Dondola® Seat mechanism
  • High quality aluminum base polished
  • Breathable 3D mesh-knit (W5-1)
  • Comfort in combination with timeless elegance – soft padding in seat and back (W5-2)
  • Seat and back (W5-2) available in many different colours and stitching
  • Seat depth adjustment
  • Wheels for carpet


  • W5-1 : 3D Mesh back + Fabric seat HKD$16,099
  • W5-2 : Fully upholstered back and seat HKD$19,399
  • W5-2 : Full leather HKD$24,299


  • Seat height : 43-51 cm
  • Seat width : 47 cm / Seat Depth : 46 cm
  • Backrest height: 64 cm
  • Base : Ø 68 cm


/ Dondola® Seat Mechanism /


“Movement – The central element of our life – even when sitting.”

  • Extractions from the final report of the study by Orthopaedic Clinic for the University of Regensburg in Asklepios
  • Participants: 1.462 seated employees from all over Germany
  • Split: 650 Women (50,2 %) / 646 Men (49,8 %)
  • Counter-current: 1.296 Questionnaires
  • Test duration: 8 – 12 Weeks per candidate
  • Study duration: January 2012 – October 2013


  • Over 95 per cent of the participants found the Dondola-chair to be (very) comfortable and were (very) happy with it
  • Over 84 per cent of the participants found their feeling of sitting to be more active
  • Over 94 per cent of the participants would recommend the Dondola-chair / the brand WAGNER
  • Over 56 per cent of the test persons with back problems (745) felt a relief from their backpain (422)



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