Magnum Full Leather Executive chair is the symbiosis of comfort, timeless design, and finest craftsmanship.‎ Magnum full leather executive chair combines both subtle design and superb ergonomics in one.‎ The chairs can be upholstered in a multiple composition of materials including PU vinyl or genuine Italian leather.  The side of the seating shell and the elbow rests are fixed and upholstered.  Matching mid back or guest chairs models are also available.

(in HK$) High Back Half Leather:$3900, High Back Full Leather:$6300, Mid Back Half Leather: $3700, Mid Back Full Leather: $4000

(in HK$) High Back Faux Leather: $3300 ; Mid Back Faux Leather: $3200


Product Overview

  • The symbiosis of comfort, timeless design, and finest craftsmanship

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable tilt angle and fixed lock
  • Seat height adjustment