Nightingale CXO6200D Heavy Duty is the same with CXO6200D but it is engineered for the big and tall users who require extra strength and durability.  Its Weight limit bar is raised to 450lbs.  It offers extreme comfort combined with elegant design. The Nightingale CXO Chair seat is crafted of patented ENERSORB memory foam while covered by a custom-knitted fabric (that stretches with the foam to provide a soft yet supportive seat, reducing pressure on your spine and hips). The mesh back of the CXO chair is contoured, which keeps you comfortable no matter the temperature.  You can also lean your back comfortably against its gel-filled lumbar support.  Unlike many of its competitors’ products, the lumbar support of the CXO 6200D Heavy Duty is highly adjustable as well.  Additionally, a tilt mechanism is available to allow you to adjust or lock your back into any position, offering a variety of postures to break up static postures throughout the work day.

Nightingale CXO6200D Features

  • 100% Made in Canada
  • Offically endorsed by China Hong Kong Macao Chiropractic Association
  • CXO’s breathable mesh back with ABLEX™ patterned weave provides generous lumbar support while allowing dynamic movement.  Air flows freely through this breathable mesh for added comfort in any environment
  • 4D – ARMRESTS Spring-loaded ball bearing ratcheting system (patent pending) operates the armrests. Armrests-move up/down, in/out, complete with lockable swivel and forward/ backward arm pad adjustment.
  • Dual-layer standard Mystic fabric is perforated for exceptional airflow.  It also as a four way stretch, which moves perfectly with the ENERSORB™ foam for added comfort and durability.
  • Optional headrest with ENERSORB™ foam adjusts up/down with an innovative coat hook built into it’s design. Headrest is field installable.
  • The contoured thoracic lumbar support pad with ENERSORB™ foam can be easily adjusted up and down and in and out for personalized support and comfort.
  • Steel-reinforced frame and heavy duty pneumatic cylinder offer a 450 lb weight capacity


Other options available

  • Headrest (already included)

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