Okamura Striker EX is an innovator in the gaming chair market. It incorporates ergonomic elements to provide a more comfortable seating solution for gamers.  The backrest is firm, elastic and streamlined which helps prevent back pain.  The multi-purpose Striker EX is not only a quality gaming chair, but it is also suitable for workspaces.   Over the past 70 yeas, Okamura has been dedicated in producing premium quality ergonomic chairs.  A huge amount of investment goes to their product R&D in order to ensure the most advanced modern design.

High quality, aesthetics as well as a fashionable design are always guaranteed with the Okamura brand.  Striker EX has various functions and features, including a soft neck support, armrests to reduce fatigue on the wrists and shoulders, and excellent seat cushion that is unique to the Okamura products.  The Striker EX is currently available in black with 3 different decorating colours: Black/Red/Blue

  • Made in & imported from Japan.  No installation required.
  • Especially designed for gaming and suitable for long-hours sitting
  • Includes ergonomic back tilting function, easing abdominal tension and back pressure by raising pelvis position and maintaining natural spinal posture
  • EX version’s surrounding neck support can enhance users’ concentration
  • 10 degree forward tilt and 23 degree rear tilt sitting
  • Rear tilt lock function
  • Adjustable seat height and depth
  • 3D adjustable arms
  • 3 decorating colours: black / blue /red
  • Materials: PU leather

Okamura Striker EX Gaming Chair Features

電競椅 Okamura Striker Dimensions