Refund Policy

  1. Refund and exchange will not be accepted for all purchased products if you are living overseas.
  2. Customer can enjoy “7-Day Return and Exchange Guarantee”for purchased products except for pre-assembled and customized items such as chairs and desks. Below terms and conditions apply:
    1. Customer should contact us to apply for return or exchange within 7 days from the date of the sales memo.
    2. Returned items must beunused, unopened, without any damages and scratches.
    3. Items can only be exchanged for the same model, color and size.
  3. Any promotional bonus such as free gifts, redeemed gifts, gift certificates, coupon or discounted items conditional upon the purchase of specific items, etc. must accompany the returned items for a refund. If Customer fails to return the promotional bonus or if the promotional bonus was used or damaged, customer has to pay an equivalent amount as stipulated by Blueocean Int’l (HK) Ltd.
  4. When refund, Customer has to pay for the free service used during the purchase, including but not limited to delivery service.
  5. Refund will be made to Customer in the form of the original payment or as decided by Blueocean Int’l(HK) Ltd.  For credit card purchase,refund amount will be credited to the original credit card account used in the purchase.  If customer paid with coupons, Blueocean Int’l (HK) Ltd also know as, “Ergoseatings”,will not re-issue the coupons to Customer.
  6. Refund amount will be the sum paid by the Customer for the items less the fee charged (if any) for processing the return request.
  7.  Exceptions to the BlueoceanInt’l (HK) Ltd, also know as, “Ergoseatings”’s ”7-Day Return and Exchange Guarantee”:
    1. No return or exchange on pre-assembled items such as chairs and custom-made desktop.
    2. No return or exchange on items without all accompanying accessories, manuals and/or blank warranty cards.
    3. Customer should pay for the inspection fee, transportation fee or disassemble fee before Blueocean International (HK) Ltd “Ergoseatings” perform on-site physical inspection or products collection
  8. Refund will take approximately up to 8 weeks’ processing time from the date of the refund memo issued by Blueocean International (HK)Ltd.
  9. For items with inherent quality defects, customer should contact us within 7 days from the date of goods receipt. Inherent quality defects do not include the followings:
    1. Measurement discrepancy (width, depth or height) arising from manufacturing process.
    2. Any difference between the product and the displayed item arising from the nature of materials, such as leather and wood pattern.
  10. Due to the nature of natural wood, user may notice grains, knots, checking or dis-coloration on the table top wood surface. This is not a defect in the product, but a natural process that should be expected. It is our recommendation that you apply an initial sealant and maintain a schedule of reapplication annually to biannually to extend the life of your product.
  11. Blueocean International (HK) Ltd is not responsible for any form of damage appears on the wood surface of the table upon on the spot checking and receipt of the product at delivery. Any product with damages or scratches will not be refunded or exchanged.
  12. Blueocean International (HK) Ltd “Ergoseatings”  reserves all rights of final conclusions for any disputes or disagreements.