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“We just purchased the Allseating You Chairs from Ergoseatings and found the Ergoseatings team to be a pleasure to work with and very responsive.  They had a large selection, were very helpful in guiding us to choosing the right chairs and provided us with fast delivery.  Getting better chairs has really made a difference for all of our employees and we would definitely recommend working with Ergoseatings.” Jeff S., Nighthawk Capital

“I spend long hours in front of the computer and my old chair was no longer doing the job.   I decided to order a new chair and choosing the Nightingale CXO6200D.  This chair is extremely comfortable with excellent support and I’d highly recommend it.”  Paul Luciw, Managing Director of

“I just purchased the Allseating You chair. It supports my back perfectly and is really comfortable. Highly recommend it!” –Dr. Lawrence Chiu, School of Life Sciences, The Chinese University of Hong Kong

“I have been struggling to find an ergonomic office chair that has excellent lumbar support and more importantly the capability to support my weight.  I came across ErgoSeatings and they sell a chair from Canada that is specifically designed to support heavy weight – The Nightingale CXO6200D Heavy Duty.  It is certainly the best chair I have ever owned: It is very comfortable and has excellent lumbar support.  The staff was very kind and helpful in demonstrating the product and answering my queries.  Although it is the most expensive chair I have ever bought, I would still highly recommend to potential customers because it is worth the investment on a high-quality product.”  Ricky W.

“I have been using the Allseating You chair for about half a year now. The best thing about the You chair is its solid yet adjustable back support system, which I feel can benefit different people, big and small who are with different back curvatures.  The You chair also comes with all sorts of adjustments which make it perfect for daily office sitting purpose and reducing pain situations.” Rico F., Certified Stretch Therapist (AUS) 

“High Quality…Reasonable Price…Great Service…Highly recommend it!” Mrs Tsang, who bought the CXO chairs from us

“I’ve found the Nightingale CXO based on my friend’s recommendation and it happens to be a very comfortable chair to sit on. As a matter of fact, it is easily the best chair I’ve owned.  Would highly recommend it.” Stan S., CCB Int’l Capital 

“The Nightingale CXO is great!  My Butt is appreciating the new chair now!”  Jonathan S., PAVC Veterinary

“Love the chair!  Thanks for the good deal.  I’ll certainly recommend Ergoseatings.” Eric P., AECOM

“I was looking for an Aeron chair at Ergoseatings but after trying out the Allseating Cpod Chair, I found that its back support system is better and the seat is also much more suitable for my Asian ladies’ size.  It’s a good chair!”  Vanessa P.

I’ve owned/used the Herman Miller Aeron and the Steelcase Leap. I’m tall (6’5″), and both worked pretty well for me. But the Nightingale CXO I own now beats them both in my opinion.”

“Nightingale CXO chair has Aeron’s mesh in the back, but memory foam in the seat, which is far, far more comfortable. And its one-size-fits-all design accommodates my tallness. Can’t recommend it enough. When I was an Aeron chair owner, I went to kill time and sat in the Nightingale CXO chair. One sit and I had to have it.”

“Just got my Nightingale CXO this week and I couldn’t agree more. I tried out the Aeron (and about 100 others), but when I sat in the Nightingale CXO, I knew it was the chair for me.”

“The memory foam seat (of the Nightingale CXO) is the ultimate in comfort. I spend about 12 to 15 hours a day on this chair, and have no back or butt problems at the end of the day.”

“The Nightingale CXO is not cheap, but I can’t recommend it highly enough.”

“ I gave the Nightingale CXO a try and can say that this is by far the most comfortable chair I’ve ever owned. I sat in many ergo chairs but wanted a chair with good cushion. This is it.”

“I almost bought an Aeron but the lumbar on the Nightingale CXO is a lot more comfortable. I’ve sat in an Aeron before and Nightingale was so right. Thank you for suggesting the CXO because I’m a happy camper.”

“We love the Nightingale CXO! Its fabulous! It is working out really great for us! I’m very satisfied with everything! The quality is great too!”

“Very high-quality and rugged, extremely comfortable.”

“The Nightingale CXO chair is comfortable and the best part is the seat. I can sit for hours now and still feel comfortable with no aches and pains.”