The Okamura Sabrina Ergonomic Chair is all about its flexible “ring structure” that provides supports to your back while equipped with a striking outlook.  Similar to the Contessa, Sabrina is also designed by Italian maestro Giugiaro.  The Sabrina chair supports your posture, flexing to follow every movement. Lean back, stretch and reach – Sabrina accommodates every movement in a way that feels natural. So you can work effortlessly.  It uses a highly permeable mesh fabric that provides a flexible and comfortable sitting condition.

Sabrina Ergonomic Chair can be upgraded with The “Smart Operation” control which allows various adjustments to be performed by intuitive operations while remaining seated on the chair in a natural posture.  Sabrina Chair also employs an “Ankle Tilt Reclining” that enables the chair’s backrest and seat to simultaneously slide with a focus on the sitting person’s ankle.  This can only be found in this top level chair, which allows the user to maintain a comfortable posture by naturally distributing his or her weight.


  • Adjustable Seat Height and Depth
  • Adjustable Reclining Tension
  • Synchro Recline Mechanism
  • Fit and Flex Ring Shape Backrest
  • Product specification
  • Add-on Headrest
  • Add-on Lumbar Support
  • Add-on Hanger
  • 4-D Adjustable Arms – Height, Width Depth and Angle
  • Multi-Density Seat Cushion
  • Frame Color in black or white
  • Polished aluminum or Resin swivel base