Trio Drafting Stool is a brand new innovative seating solution that is perfect to use along with your height adjustable standing desks.  The design is light weight and sleek, with built-in integrated armrests.  The seat can be tilted forward by 2 degree to help you extend your hip angels.  With hip angels opened up, your spine pressure will be alleviated.  Also it helps you keep moving while you are using it.  Similar to other saddle chairs, this stool allows you to sit with your pelvis opened at 120 degrees.  Not only that, but the stool can be tilted backward by 8 degrees and with seat slider available

Product Overview

  • Modern drafting stool design with integrated armrests
  • Height adjustable seat
  • Imitate riding posture
  • Sit at a height higher than a sampan ergonomic chair, so that the feet can show an open angle and the waist can be straightened
  • Sit on the front half of the chair, and at the same time, it can be reversed for dual purposes
  • Suitable for taller tables

Product Specifications

  • Adjustable back height (60mm)
  • forward tilting seat by 4 degrees
  • Backward tilting by 8 degrees
  • Seat slider for seat depth adjustment (60mm)
  • Height adjustable foot ring attached above the base
  • Available in black or white frame
  • 4 Fabric colors to choose from: Green, Dark Grey, Light Grey, Orange

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