Wobble Stool 

At the office or desk, the Wobble Stool creates a healthy sitting environment and is perfect for an active sitting chair, bar stool, music stool, cafés and more. Featuring a rounded triangular saddle seat, the Wobble Stool pivots 360 degrees and can be adjusted for height pushing of one of three buttons underneath the base of the seat. The weighted rocking base lets you move around while sitting on it and it always automatically returns upright after use.

Wobble Stool  FEATURES

  •          Pivot 360 degrees: Allow maximum movement for productivity and activities
  • New! Round, frameless seat with ~3″ waterfall cushion for increased comfort
  •          Triangular Saddle Seat with Round Edges: Improved comfort
  •          Weighted Rocking Base: Leans with you, facilitates movement while sitting. Always returns upright after use.
  •          Rubberized Bottom: Strong gripping force, never fall






Height Adjustment:  56.5 – 70.5 cm
Seat Diameter: 33 cm